3 Reasons You Should Visit the Point in Beaufort, SC

Beaufort, South Carolina, is home to a rich historical culture, and there’s no better way to experience it than by visiting the Point neighborhood. Also known as Old Point or Black’s Point, the Point in Beaufort, SC, dates back to the Revolutionary War and is one of the best ways to see early American and Beaufort architecture. It’s a beautiful walk through history! Are you looking for more things to do around Beaufort as you plan your upcoming trip? Look no further than our free Vacation Guide! Inside, you’ll find all of our top recommendations for great places to eat, boutique shopping, and exciting ways to make history come alive – like visiting the Point in Beaufort, SC. We’ve also included a few of Beaufort’s hidden gems and best-kept secrets. This guide is the ultimate trip-planning tool! 

Our Favorite Reasons to Visit the Point in Beaufort, SC

More than just a casual walk around the block, the Point holds so much history and charm! Wear comfortable shoes, bring along a water bottle, and walk back in time to the days of the Revolutionary War.

1. The Point in Beaufort, SC, was originally owned entirely by one man.

At the start of the Revolutionary War, the entire area that encompasses the Point today was purchased by a man named James Black. He built what was then the only stable shipyard in the business and used South Carolina Lowcountry Oak to build ships for the war. When Black passed away in 1770, the Point was divided up among his heirs, and pieces were sold to become smaller tracts of land to develop.

2. The Point is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Lowcountry. 

It wasn’t until several years after some of the Point’s original houses were built that the neighborhood became part of Beaufort. In 1809, the Beaufort mayor appealed to the South Carolina General Assembly to make the Point neighborhood a part of the city of Beaufort. As the years went by, the Point became known as the wealthiest and most beautiful neighborhood in the Lowcountry. Gorgeous mansions were built on giant plantations, utilizing the very best in the antebellum architecture style. During the Civil War, many of the homes were used as hospitals by the Union soldiers.

3. Still a functioning neighborhood, the Point is our favorite walk.

With so much backstory, the Point is one of our favorite places for a sunny morning walk. Admire the early American architecture as you stroll under the thick live oak canopy draped with Spanish Moss. Pay special attention to the homes with the upper and lower story porches. It’s a classic example of Beaufort antebellum architecture!

Where to Stay to See Beaufort’s Beautiful Plantations

front of the cuthbert house inn The Point neighborhood is just a ten-minute walk from the Cuthbert House Inn. Our charming antebellum Inn was built to take advantage of the southern breezes off the water, and it’s been welcoming visitors in Beaufort for years. Enjoy convenient access to all of Beaufort’s best attractions, including picturesque beaches, golf courses, and the bustling Beaufort downtown area. Wake up in your luxurious room or suite and join us for a delicious and homemade, Southern-style breakfast before beginning your Beaufort adventure. Sipping on coffee in our historic mansion is the perfect way to start the day. Check the availability of all our accommodations and book your stay today! Your Lowcountry vacation awaits, and we look forward to hosting you!   
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