Introducing Artist Frank Gorman

Like many bed and breakfast owners, we reside in our inn, the beautiful historic Cuthbert House, and as such we enjoy curating collections of fresh paintings by local artists we love. If you have the pleasure of visiting our inn in the near future, you will notice some changes to our walls. We are pleased to announce the recent installment of several pieces from local artist, Frank Gorman. It is great to have such beautiful paintings of the Lowcountry on display throughout the house. Frank’s paintings make you feel as if you have your own personal view of his subject! 


“Fripp Inlet Tides” by Frank Gorman

Frank Gorman

Frank Gorman, is a retired architect, who was actively involved in Humanitarian efforts to establish hospitals and other government structures in developing countries with Engineering Ministries International. When Covid hit, he found himself unable to travel internationally and he began painting again, a skill he learned over 50 years ago at The University of Illinois, in a watercolor class required of all architecture students. The Chicago-native shared that his preferred subject is the sweeping landscapes of Beaufort and surrounding areas.  He has a talent for capturing the outdoors, open spaces, peaceful bright skies, sunrises and sunsets, the occasional grandchild playing in the sand or a bird flying overhead to create movement or evoke an emotion.


Being from a bustling city, he now finds peace enjoying the broader, more open perspectives of the Lowcountry This includes both the depth of the Atlantic from Hunting Island Beach and the peaceful grazing cows in the myriad farms found inland near Varnville, SC. There is a parallel for transplants from the midwest who have moved to the Lowcountry, finding flat, wide open spaces reminiscent of home, but of more varied landscape. Here you can find marshes, beaches, farms, all creating a feeling of openness.


Gorman’s move from the midwest to the Lowcountry inspired a large-scale change to his art, quite literally. While he originally studied in watercolor, after his move to Beaufort, Gorman transitioned to acrylic and later oils. His pieces have also changed, growing to canvases as large as 36” x 60” to allow for a broader perspective of our beautiful ocean and Lowcountry.  While his transition to oils was at the bequest of gallery owners, Gorman now prefers the media, as it provides the artist with flexibility to return to a piece over time and make changes.


Gorman calls his work realistic but more impressionistic; while each piece is instantly recognizable he takes liberties with color and composition. Using sweeping strokes to create a less precise image. Gorman brings in brighter colors to create a mood. For many of his pieces, he takes multiple photographs and creates the ideal composition, playing with the scene to capture the mood. 

“Good Morning Beaufort” by Frank Gorman

The Collection

Frank Gorman’s paintings now hang in galleries and homes all over the country, including the Beaufort Art Association where he currently resides as president of the board.

We are pleased to display several of his pieces throughout our rooms. The collection hanging at The Cuthbert House Inn is as varied as it is beautiful, capturing some of our favorite scenes from the Lowcountry. 

One of Gorman’s personal favorites hangs in our dining room. Titled, “Sunny but Cool,” our guests enjoy gazing at a beach in early March at Hunting Island with several umbrellas sprinkling the sand on a crisp, sunny morning. 

A piece we are especially fond of is titled, “Good morning Beaufort.” It is an impressionist rendering of Whitehall Landing– looking back at the waterfront park with the church steeple skyline and the marina. We enjoy the fresh views these scenes have brought to the historic rooms in our inn.

“Sunny but Cool” by Frank Gorman

Available for Purchase

Gorman says he likes to imagine these paintings in someone’s home, a window into a pleasant moment in time. For Beaufort locals and visitors alike, it is a treat to hang a piece of The Lowcountry on your wall– a peaceful sunrise, hazy marsh, or sunny beach day. 

The art displayed at our inn is available for purchase. Visitors can inquire with Ed or Connie by calling (843) 521-1315 or contacting Frank at

You can also visit  to browse more of his paintings, available at galleries all over Beaufort County. If you are interested in a more personalized piece Gorman is currently accepting commissions.


Relax Together at The Cuthbert House Inn

At the heart of Beaufort, SC, is a community that supports and promotes local art. Opened in 1957, the Beaufort Art Association provides a platform of growth for local artists and adds a great educational value to the community through the visual arts: a must-see for any visitor wanting a true experience of South Carolina’s cultural heritage.

Add to this artistic experience and book your room today at our scenic bed and breakfast! We are located in the heart of downtown Beaufort, just minutes away from the Beaufort Art Association and shops. Enjoy our spacious accommodations and cozy fireplace this season as well as our homemade breakfast, including delicious tasty treats such as orange pancakes with Grand Marnier sauce and traditional biscuits and grits. Reserve one of our beautiful antique furnished rooms now and get ready to experience South Carolina like never before at The Cuthbert House Inn!


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