Everything You Need to Know About Beaufort, SC, Plantations and Historic Homes

Beaufort is rich in history, formerly home to several prominent plantations and mansions. Experience the history for yourself and stay at Cuthbert House Inn. You’ll get a glimpse into life in the 1700-1800s and be in close distance to many Beaufort, SC, plantations and mansions.  Before your trip, request access to our free Online Vacation Guide! You’ll find our recommendations for everything Beaufort. 

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Beaufort, SC, Plantations & Historic Homes

With over 2,000 beautifully restored homes in our beloved state, Beaufort, SC, plantations and mansions exude the authentic charm and allure of the early days of the South. Here are our recommendations for which spots to explore!

The John Mark Verdier House

  • Only a 6-minute walk from Cuthbert House Inn. 
The iconic John Mark Verdier House is a Federal-style mansion built in 1804 by John Mark Verdier, a prosperous merchant, and planter. Verdier accumulated significant wealth and status in the Lowcountry by trading and growing sea isle cotton. This mansion sits on Bay Street in the Beaufort historic district. When you take a walk to gaze at this historic site, you’ll be delighted by the beautiful architecture, which so resembles that of the Cuthbert House!

The Oaks Plantation  

  • Only a 6-minute drive from Cuthbert House Inn. 
Colonel Paul Hamilton built this impressive plantation house before the Civil War. It is called The Paul Hamilton House or “The Oaks Plantation” because of its setting underneath magnificent oak trees. Paul Hamilton was well-known for being the grandson of Paul Hamilton, Secretary of the Navy under President Madison. In 1861, the family deserted the house when Federal soldiers occupied Beaufort. During this time, it served as a Union hospital. 

Guided Tours of Beaufort Plantations and Historic Sites

If you want to discover more of these impressive plantation homes and historic landmarks in Beaufort County, consider a guided tour. 

Sea Island Plantation Tour

  • This tour lasts approximately 3 hours.
Hop on a Beaufort Tours van and learn about private and public plantations and the Penn Center. The Penn Center was a facility that started educating newly freed slaves in 1862. Over the years, it also provided training opportunities for agriculture. Today, the Penn Center’s mission is “to promote and preserve the history and the culture of the Sea Islands.” 

Reconstruction Era Tour

  • This tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
The Reconstruction Era Tour is another popular offering from Beaufort Tours that showcase the fascinating Reconstruction Era. In 1861, the Battle of Port Royal changed Beaufort’s history forever. The town became the Union’s Headquarters and hospital zone. After the war, the South began rebuilding and attempted to become part of the Union again. This period is known as the Reconstruction Era. The tour features a visit to the Reconstruction Era National Monument, which was started by President Obama in 2017. You’ll even get to see the Brick Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King wrote the first draft of his prestigious “I Have a Dream” speech! 

Fall Festival of Houses & Gardens

  • This tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
If you are traveling to the Lowcountry in autumn, attend the spectacular Fall Festival of Houses & Gardens! The Historic Beaufort Foundation presents this annual event. During the celebration, many plantations open their doors and showcase pieces of our history. You’ll see the 200-year-old architecture, learn about the culture of our coastal community during the 1700 and 1800s, and walk the breathtaking gardens around Beaufort’s National Historic Landmark District. This delightful extravaganza is a treasured event — we recommend purchasing your tickets early!

Stay at the Historic Cuthbert House Inn

After exploring these Beaufort, SC, plantations and historic homes, reflect on your day at the Cuthbert House Inn! Nestled on the banks of the bay, your Southern retreat awaits in one of our delightful accommodations. Our stunning bed and breakfast is in the historic district of Beaufort and dates back to 1790! It exudes a relaxing atmosphere and showcases exquisite antiques from the 19th and 20th centuries. Reserve the Eastlake Suite and see the signatures left behind on the fireplace by the Union soldiers during the Civil War! We invite you to check our availability and reserve the perfect guest room for your getaway. We can’t wait to host you at the Cuthbert House Inn!

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