Everything You Need to Know About the Beaufort History Museum

Beaufort, SC is a town filled with stunning natural beauty and fascinating history. During your stay with us at the Cuthbert House Inn, we encourage you to explore and learn the stories that have shaped our community into what it is today. One such place is the Beaufort History Museum, an exhibition of Beaufort’s culture and vast history. Read on to learn more about this Beaufort, SC museum and how to get the most out of your experience. The Beaufort History Museum is just one of the many wonderful things to do in Beaufort, SC. When you request your free copy of our Vacation Guide, you’ll instantly receive a full list of our area’s top activities and attractions including local events, art galleries, restaurants, historic sites, and more. It’s the only thing you’ll need to plan the ultimate Lowcountry vacation.

More About the Beaufort History Museum

Visitors and locals alike love to visit the Beaufort History Museum, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The museum allows its visitors to take a step back in time and relive the events that shaped Beaufort and the Lowcountry itself. Knowledgeable docents will guide you through more than 450 years of history and recount some of our area’s most interesting stories.

2 Things to See at the Beaufort History Museum

1. Permanent Exhibits

The Beaufort History Museum strives to manage and display the City of Beaufort’s collection of artifacts, documents, and photos. As you wander the Main Exhibit Hall, you’ll see a wide variety of museum highlights including Native American tools, pottery shards, paintings of Parris Island, and more. These items illustrate Beaufort’s involvement in major historical events such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and the Plantation culture. During your visit, you’ll be sure to learn something new and learn stories you’ll be excited to share with your friends and family.

2. Special Exhibits

In 2016, the Beaufort History Museum unveiled a brand new special exhibit focused on the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War. The exhibit explains how and why Beaufort excelled in education, politics, industry, and agriculture while the rest of the nation struggled to rebuild society. It’s a fascinating experience that will send you home with a new appreciation for Beaufort.

More Ways to Experience Beaufort History

Whether you’re a history buff or searching for something fun to add to your itinerary, you won’t want to miss these local historic sites and destinations.

Robert Smalls House

The Robert Smalls House in Beaufort served as the home to the famous Civil War hero and one of the first African Americans to serve in U.S. Congress. Although the home has undergone several renovations, it retains most of its original charm and grandeur. Since it is a private residence, you won’t be able to go inside. However, taking a stroll by it and snapping a few photos is a must!

Beaufort National Cemetery

As the final resting place for more than 18,500 interments, the Beaufort National Cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. The quiet site remains a distinguished local attraction today where visitors come to get a glimpse into the area’s past and pay respect to our fallen heroes.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

A testament to the area’s storied past is the beauty and splendor of the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. The church held its first service in 1757 and has since seen the best and worst of nearly 300 years of American history. Today, you can visit the ruins and uncover the story within its few remaining walls.

Take a Journey Back in Time During Your Stay at the Cuthbert House Inn

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