What You’ll See on One of the Beaufort Carriage Tours

Calling all history scholars! For anyone who wishes to delight in our Southern charm, plan your journey on one of the Beaufort carriage tours. Each of these guided experiences takes you through the Historic District, the Point, and the Bluff districts of our scenic downtown. Before you depart on your historical tour, bring your camera, your sense of wonder, and your thirst for knowledge with you. Once you’ve experienced the Beaufort carriage tours, spend your vacation exploring our coastal community. Discover area attractions, the backdrops for feature films, and wonderful eateries by requesting 24-hour access to our free Online Vacation Guide. Our complimentary travel planner takes the guesswork out of planning your next vacation to the South Carolina Lowcountry. After filling out the form and receiving your password, unlock directions, prices, and ratings for the best things to do in Beaufort this year. Our interactive guide also provides an excellent survey of the beautifully appointed accommodations and indulgent amenities at The Cuthbert House Inn!

Everything You Need to Know About Beaufort Carriage Tours

The two coach companies, which offer Beaufort carriage tours, begin at the Marina, which is a short walk down Bay Street from our bed and breakfast. Use our local insights to help you create the perfect experience on your getaway this year!

Sea Island Carriage Company

When you book Beaufort carriage tours, you’ll be delighted by your experience with Sea Island Carriage Company. In fact, this esteemed coach service received the “Favorite Historic Tour Company” Award in 2016 and 2017 by The Island News and the “Best Tour Company” Award in 2016 and 2017 by EatSleepPlayBeaufort.com! On your 55-minute journey, enjoy the gentle breezes from the Beaufort River as the guide points out where movies were filmed in Beaufort and other historically significant places!

Southurn Rose Buggy Tours

During your vacation to Beaufort, delight in the leisurely pace of your 50-minute excursion with Southurn Rose Buggy Tours. Board the vibrant blue carriage to see the beautiful National Historic Landmarks. You’re sure to learn about our culture, heritage, and laid-back lifestyle.

What You’ll See in Downtown

The various tours in Beaufort, SC, guide you through our picturesque downtown. Our natural harbor is one of the largest in America and has welcomed many settlers from Europe over the years. As you pass through, the stunning Antebellum architecture, historic charm, and breathtaking views of the Harbor River captivates you. Here’s what you can expect to see on your guided excursion! Once your Beaufort carriage tours are complete, ask about our complimentary bike rentals. You can ride down Bay Street and enjoy a wonderful day in our seaside town!

Unwind at The Historic Cuthbert House Inn

Beaufort carriage tours aren’t the only ways to learn about intricate past. When you stay at The Cuthbert House Inn, ask one of our innkeepers about the rich history of our bed and breakfast. The Cuthberts, a family of wealthy plantation owners, originally built it as a private retreat on the water.In 1861, the Cuthbert family fled Beaufort. Then, two day later, the Union army, led by General Rufus Saxton, sieged Beaufort and Saxton took this beautiful house as his own. During the Civil War, many soldiers walked our now quiet halls and even etched their names into the fireplace, which is located Eastlake Suite parlor.Eastlake Suite After the war, General Saxton purchased the home and later sold it to Duncan Wilson, who expanded and redesigned the home to its current state. Once you’ve walked our halls, you’re sure to feel closer to the history of our coastal community. In fact, each of our relaxing accommodations boasts handmade antiques, restored hardwood floors, and Victorian elements. We invite you to browse our wonderful retreats and reserve the ideal one for your getaway. We can’t wait to host you at The Cuthbert House Inn this year!
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